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Marketing Inspiration from the Best and Brightest Around the Globe
Gold Award: Giving voice to a silent killer
[Pancreatic Cancer Action Charity]
Pancreatic cancer is the fifth biggest cause of cancer death in the UK with a 3% survival rate. Pancreatic Cancer Action (PCA) wanted to change these statistics with a budget of only £78k. The campaign relied on a key insight, bold creativity, and a small investment in print/outdoor media to generate a wealth of earned media resulting in >25% of the population newly recognizing the symptoms of pancreatic cancer. In addition, the PCA secured a meeting with the Health Secretary demonstrating how this small campaign could deliver a potential ROMI of 4000, and save the NHS millions of pounds.
Key Insight

Gleaned from conversations with sufferers: When you have pancreatic cancer, you wish you had been diagnosed with a different cancer - at least they have higher survival rates...

Communication Strategies
  • Generate awareness through controversy by boldly presenting the stark reality of pancreatic cancer
  • Translate awareness and controversy into symptom understanding
  • Persuade patients and doctors to diagnose earlier
  • Phased Approach, with Phase I establishing awareness through controversy and Phase II educating on symptoms and need for earlier action
  • Leverage maximum reach media channels: print and outdoor plus social media component
Communication Activities
  • Phase 1: Print campaign depicting real sufferers saying that they wished they had another, more survivable form of cancer (3 versions) for a total of 16 half page insertions
  • I Wish I had Breast Cancer...
  • I Wish I had Testicular Cancer...
  • I Wish I had Cervical Cancer...
  • London underground advertising: 2,000 interior cards for 2 weeks highlighting symptoms and need for early diagnosis
  • "Earned Media" picked up by all major television networks and newspapers in addition to generating social media debate
Key Learnings
  • Power of a key insight and bold creative to overcome budgetary constraints
  • Ability of high reach media channels (print/outdoor) to drive earned media and online activity
  • Importance of research in modulating and translating controversy into positive impact
  • Small budgets, low awareness/high importance situations/issues, managing controversy
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