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Marketing Inspiration from the Best and Brightest Around the Globe
Gold Award: National Depression Initiative: "The Journal"
Depression is common, often expensive to treat and in worst cases, costs lives, when suicide seems like the only way out. New Zealand had the second highest rate of depression among OECD countries. The Ministry of Health sought to increase awareness and engagement in self-help techniques sooner by making them more convenient and easier to put into practice. The adoption of a holistic approach including print, an online self-help tool- "The Journal", fronted by the nation’s favourite rugby stars has resulted in a campaign that has literally saved lives. Success has grown year over year and The Journal has gained attention around the world: used in clinical trials Ottawa University, subject matter for a study at St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto and Harvard has studied The Journal as part of their research for NASA.
Key Insight

Research has shown that treatment for depression is more effective if the patient knows the therapist administering it. The online program needed to replicate the intimate relationship that exists between a therapist and their patient.

Communication Strategies
  • Evolve the role of John Kirwan (Rugby hero, known as JK, and former National Depression Initiative (NDI) campaign spokesperson) from empathetic celebrity to personal online coach
  • Deliver self-help tools in a manner that would inspire people to practice the skills they need to recover from depression
  • Combine best practices from traditional therapy – personal, high frequency contact with best online features – ease of access, personalization, interactivity and tracking
  • Create a sense of comfort with the online technology through use of a familiar visual metaphor, the book: The Journal interface works like a "book", every page features a video with JK and a written summary of the information needed for the lesson
Communication Activities
  • Integrated campaign targeting sufferers, GPs and the media consisting of:
    • Direct Response TV ads featuring JK and action call to visit website were scheduled to run during off-peak hours when response rates are highest
    • Online banner ads
    • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
    • PR activity highlighting JK’s involvement in the initiative
    • Journal Advertising and Direct Mail targeted to GPs featuring case studies and opportunities for integration into overall treatment plans
  • Campaign generated 300 articles, 56 TV and radio interviews and an unprecedented increase in donor registrations - 128,218 during the first 5 weeks of the campaign
  • The campaign achieved 80% unaided awareness, persuaded more than 1.2M people to seek information on the site and sustained an average of 600 new people per month signing up to The Journal (exceeding targets by 30% every month for 3 years)
  • Medically recognized improvement achieved by 90% of people who complete The Journal
  • Average cost per user for the government to deliver the program $172, resulting in a savings of $1036 per patient versus traditional approaches
Key Learnings
  • Importance of balancing likeability and authority when using a celebrity spokesperson as “coach”
  • Application of behaviour change principles in the design of materials (chunking, repetition, goal- setting, planning, practice)
  • Importance of GP coverage via journals to close the communications loop
  • Compliance programs, Disease management (Type 2 Diabetes, COPD), Lifestyle modification (smoking cessation, weight loss), Rehabilitation programs
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