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Marketing Inspiration from the Best and Brightest Around the Globe
Silver Award: When it is better to receive than to give
[Organ Donor Register]
The UK has one of the lowest rates of organ donation in Europe. The task was to increase the number of organ donors registered from 16 million to 25 million within 3 years. To achieve the goal, the campaign needed to be eight times more effective than the average health advertising campaign. By employing an integrated multi-media strategy to put people in the mindset of an organ recipient vs organ donor, the campaign was able to exceed previous year’s registrations by 400% in a very short period of time.
Key Insight

Empathy and action can be increased by tapping into "enlightened self-interest" when it comes to organ donation i.e. more organ donors are required in order for you to get an organ should you need it

Communication Strategies
  • Accelerate awareness of the issue at launch with PR utilizing influential advocates highlighting the statistics
  • Create an emotional connection to the message through print and television advertising when people have more time to digest, reflect and discuss the issue
  • Facilitate action by making it quick and easy for donors to register online before they could "talk themselves out of it"
Communication Activities
  • The campaign dramatized the simple oxymoron that we’d all take an organ if we needed it, yet most of us make excuses to put off registering to donate organs
  • Campaign activity consisted of
    • :30 second TV ads scheduled when families were viewing programs that encouraged talking/discussion as well as :10 second reminder ads
    • Full page print ads in weekend papers as well as small space newspaper ads with text response
    • Online banner advertising and a streamlined website where registration could be completed in just two pages
  • Campaign generated 300 articles, 56 TV and radio interviews and an unprecedented increase in donor registrations - 128,218 during the first 5 weeks of the campaign
Key Learnings
  • Getting the insight right is the most important part of creating effective advertising
  • Advertising can overcome complex emotional barriers, and change deep set beliefs
  • Print+TV+Digital or multi-media exposure increases recall, recognition and action
  • Compliance challenges, stigmatized/stigmatizing conditions/products to treat, urgent call to action
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