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Marketing Inspiration from the Best and Brightest Around the Globe
Bronze Award: The Economist
[The Economist, Financial Magazine]
For many years, The Economist had built a reputation as the publication of choice for finance professionals, but as growth slowed they needed to recruit new readers. An engaging and 'interactive' print based outdoor campaign was successful in bringing new readers into the franchise. The campaign more than paid for itself from new subscriptions alone, generating an ROI of £ 1.96.
Key Insight

The range and style of articles in The Economist appeals to a much broader audience than just finance professionals.

Communication Strategies
  • Interactive Posters in the London Underground to engage an intellectually curious audience, who mistakenly believed The Economist editorial content was dry, stand-offish and narrowly focused on finance
  • Innovative response mechanisms built into print executions
  • Digital Out of Home advertising on screens and via projections in the underground
Communication Activities
  • Print juxtaposed provocative, but contrary arguments in the "Where do You Stand" campaign inviting readers to voice their opinions via text
  • Campaign activity ran in 2 x 4 week flights consisting of 155 pairs of debates featured on 310 panels, featuring statements such as:
    • Prisoners Should Be Allowed to Vote, juxtaposed with Prisoners Should Not Be Allowed to Vote
    • Prostitution is a Crime, Not a Business, juxtaposed with Prostitution is a Business, Not a Crime
  • Campaign generated over 5,000 texts in addition to national media coverage
Key Learnings
  • New growth requires a willingness to revisit entrenched marketing strategies
  • Combination of print based media and digital extend and enhance audience engagement
  • Mature brands looking for new growth, niche brands looking for new growth
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